Inceptial Review – What You Should Know About the Forex Company

Inceptial Review

Inceptial logoIf you are considering making your mark in the financial markets and starting your online trading journey, then you are probably aware that finding a trading company is imperative. Inceptial will connect you to the financial markets and give you the features and tools needed for trading. It is considered a major challenge because there is a multitude of companies you will come across that are offering their trading services. Some people may like this variety because their competitiveness can give you room to find the right one for your needs.

However, this is easier said than done because it can often become immensely difficult to distinguish one Forex company from the next. You cannot just close your eyes and pick one firm because it may not be a good choice for you, even if it is for others. This decision cannot be made without proper due diligence and this means researching and analysing your options before you make your final decision.

Amongst the choices that you will find, there is a Forex company named Inceptial, which has developed a strong reputation in the market. As it was founded by a group of former traders and industry experts, the company appears to offer well-rounded services to its clients. But, as mentioned earlier, you need to do your research before you can come to a conclusion. What is it that you should know about the company? Read through this Inceptial Review to find out:


  • Website
  • Trading Accounts – Four Account Options: Classic, Silver, Gold, and VIP.
  • Minimum Deposit – 250 (EUR, USD)
  • Assets Coverage – CFDs in Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities & Cryptocurrencies
  • Trading Tools – Trading Indicators, Daily Signals, Live Charts, Technical Analysis Tools, Price Alerts and Risk Management Tools
  • Education and Training – e-Books, Online video courses, Webinars, Tutorials
  • Customer Support – 24/7 through email, phone number, online contact form and FAQs
  • Security Policy – KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering)
  • Parent Company – Growth Capital LLC

What can you trade with Inceptial?

You can begin your due diligence by taking a look at the financial markets you will be able to access when you are considering Inceptial. If you are interested in certain assets, you can see if these options are available. Also, it can help you think of the future because the availability of assets indicates whether you will need to find another company if you decide to expand your horizons. The good news is that with Inceptial you can trade with over 160+ financial products and these belong to different financial markets. Check out some notable ones:

Commodities: People having a low-risk appetite and the desire to diversify will appreciate access to the commodities market. Hard and soft commodities are available, with the former including precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum and copper, and the latter including agricultural products, such as coffee, corn, wheat, sugar and rice. Oil and gas are also some options that can be explored.

Stocks: Anyone who has ever heard of trading is aware of the stock market because it offers a ton of opportunities, so Inceptial has ensured that its clients can have access to it. You can trade stocks of various companies like Apple, Microsoft, BMW, Netflix, Boeing, AT&T, PayPal, Ferrari, Goldman Sachs Group and IBM.

Forex: If you think the stock market is not your cup of tea, you can enjoy the volatility of the forex market where major and minor currency pairs can be traded, along with some exotic ones. Some of the popular options that you can explore include EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/GBP, NZD/USD, EUR/CHF, USD/CHF and CAD/JPY.

Indices: The indices market is another lucrative category that traders can explore, especially those who prefer to trade in the long term. You can opt for some of the top-traded indices, which include NASDAQ, Dow Jones, and S&P 500, and EuroCash 50.

How will you trade via Inceptial?

You don’t just need to figure out what you will trade; the how is equally important. If trading is too difficult, you will struggle a lot and may decide to abandon the endeavour altogether. Inceptial definitely doesn’t want its clients to encounter difficulties when they are trading, due to which they have expanded a great deal of effort into providing a good and dependable trading platform to their clients. They have also added different types of platforms, ensuring that every trader can find something they can use easily.

The choices begin with the WebTrader platform that has been developed by Inceptial, which saves traders from the hassle of downloading and installation on any device. You just need a browser and an internet connection to access this one and it has a highly intuitive interface, which can make it easy for traders to navigate it. You can trade multiple assets from a single dashboard and benefit from ultra-fast trading execution. Traders can also enjoy one-click trading and stay updated with the latest financial news that can help them in making their decisions.

You can also choose to trade with Inceptial’s customisable MT4, by downloading it for free on any device, whether you like trading from your PC, laptop, or phone. With this option, you will have access to free fundamental and technical analysis tools that will boost your trading potential. You can enjoy this user-friendly interface anywhere you are, even on the move.

There are advanced charts that have also been added for trend and pattern tracking. Trading indicators and alerts can also come in handy, as can the technical analysis tools. You can place a variety of trading orders, which can be immensely useful in risk management. The interactive platform also shows you the results of your actions in real-time, which is quite convenient. Inceptial has also kept up with market trends and provides its clients with the option of using mobile trading apps. These have been developed for iOS and Android ecosystems.

If you take a quick look at these apps, you will discover that they are also well-equipped and have a user-friendly interface that makes them easy to use. Inceptial offers these apps to help traders in trading from anywhere and at any time, allowing them to take advantage of as many trading opportunities as possible. It is a powerful platform that comes with all the necessary bells and whistles for a good trading experience.

Does Inceptial provide security?

Anyone who has used the internet is aware that the internet is a risky place. Cybercrimes are widespread and there have been numerous hacks, breaches and other kinds of criminal activities due to which people are always wary. When you trade online, you are left vulnerable to a lot of risks because your money could be stolen and identity theft is also a problem. Subsequently, you should look for a Forex company that can provide effective security and give you peace of mind. Inceptial can be a good option in this regard because they have not taken these issues lightly.

In light of the security concerns people have, they have used the most trusted and advanced security technologies for protecting their clients. For instance, Inceptial is known for using strong firewalls to keep out hackers and other cybercriminals. They have also implemented advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for protecting all data that they accumulate from their clients. As per the privacy policy on their website, you don’t need to worry about them sharing your information with any third parties without your consent.

As far as your money is concerned, it is kept in segregated accounts and with renowned financial institutions for security reasons. Inceptial does not use your funds for any of their own obligations and they will be returned to you in case the company shuts down. Most importantly, the brokerage is also AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) compliant. These are international security policies that are aimed at reducing financial fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing as well as identity theft.

How do you register with Inceptial?

You need to know what requirements you have to fulfil for registering with a Forex company in order to begin. You obviously don’t want delays or anything complex and Inceptial has complied in this regard. There is just one form that needs completion and it will not take you more than a few minutes to get it done. The form asks for your first and last name, country of residence, phone number, account currency, and an email address and password to be used for login purposes. You are also asked to confirm that you are 18 or above, have shared authentic information with them and agree with their Terms & Conditions. The registration is done instantly and you don’t have to pay any fee for it.

What account choices does Inceptial offer?

It is common for Forex companies to offer account choices to their clients, especially to accommodate traders of different skill levels and risk appetites. While Inceptial has kept up with the trend, it has chosen to be more diverse in the number of options. You will come across a total of four account types and each one is meant for a unique category of trader. You can choose among the Classic, Silver, Gold, or VIP trading account. Each account is created to meet the needs of every trader. Traders who choose to open a more advanced account will have access to their own Account Manager to guide them through their trading journey. The specifics of each trading account have been thoroughly explained on Inceptial’s website, which you can find here:

What are the payment options available?

As stated above, you have to make minimum deposits for opening an account with Inceptial and you will eventually want to withdraw your profits as well. In order to do both, you need to know what payment methods are supported, which will tell you how easily you can get your money. There are a number of payment options that have been added to the platform in order to facilitate traders. You can choose one as per your preference and convenience.

You will come across the traditional option of bank wire transfer, which may take some time. If you prefer a quick solution, debit and credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard can work quite well. Furthermore, Inceptial has kept up with changing trends and also added support for various e-wallet options that exist these days, such as Neteller. These are also quick and can make deposits and withdrawals easy. Deposits are free of charge and the fee for withdrawal will depend on the method you use.

After learning these things about Inceptial, you can conclude that it is a smart choice for every trader who wants to enter the financial markets.